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32W Curved Solar Roof Tile High Quality OEM

Pv Curved Tiles CIGS Cells Solar Roof Tiles with the power range from 30 watt to 32 watt for sale.

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    T/T or L/C
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    Black/ Red/ Green
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    Shanghai, Nanjing,Wuhu
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    7 days
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    76 pcs
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  • Numble of Cells:

    1 cell
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  • Warranty:

    30 years
  • Junction Box:

    IP67, MC4 connectors
  • Lead Time:

    30 days
  • Packing:

    76pcs/pallet, 42 Pallets in 40HQ container
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Warranty and efficiency

Continuous power generation for 40~60 years

Thin-film solar energy has become a general trend. It adopts thin, efficient and flexible copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin-film solar chips, and uses the industry-leading inner and outer double-layer lamination precision packaging process, which can maximize the stability of the High conversion rate, higher power generation, and glass with a light transmittance of over 91.5%, which can increase the conversion rate by up to 16.6%.

32W Curved Solar Roof Tile High Quality With Best Price 

Really control the energy of the sun
The unique design of Han tiles combines with the ancient charm of the East and is comparable to China's glazed tiles. It is
integrated with modern technology and uses thin-film solar energy to give the roof new life. Architectural tempered glass can withstand car crushing, has multiple tests and certifications and can withstand Category 12 typhoons, and is extremely durable for 40-60 years.

Using CIGS thin film solar chips, the stable lattice structure ensures that the solar cells are basically free of light degradation and can maintain stable power output even in harsh weather. The natural air circulation design from outside to inside provides better sun protection and heat insulation, and rainwater pours more quickly on the high-density glass surface.

Curved Solar Roof Tiles Features

  • Demonstrative significance of the Hanwa Power Generation Project:
    1. The roof of the building can be effectively used without occupying precious land resources;
    2. It can effectively reduce building energy consumption, achieve building energy conservation, and meet green building standards;
    3. The thin-film solar power generation system is installed on the roof of the building to directly absorb solar energy and also has the function of heat insulation and noise prevention;
    4. Han tiles can present the beauty of architecture, reflect architectural value, inherit architectural culture, and increase project marketing highlights;

arch height:
black, gray, brown, green
junction box:
39*46*16.6 (mm) IP67
cable type:
2.5mm solar cable 450 (+10/-0) mm
cable connector:
pv connector
Physical parameters
chip type:
short-circuit current:
open-circuit voltage:
current at PMPP:
voltage at PMPP:
Electrical parameters
loading grade:
waterproof grade:
fire-proof grade:
hail-proof grade:
working temperature:
level 4 (ANSI FM 4473)
-40°C to +85°C

Solar Tiles Material

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