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  • Grid Tied with Battery Storage
    Grid Tied with Battery Storage

    With electricity prices on the way up, and solar costs on the way down, now is a better time than ever to save money with solar power and become less reliant on energy retailers and the grid. Battery storage is the future of energy in the home. Whether extending your current system or starting generating power with a complete solar package, Sunerise Energy helps you achieve your goals.

  • Solar for Disaster Response and Recovery
    Solar for Disaster Response and Recovery

    After experiencing some extreme weather conditions and natural calamities for the past couple of years, it has proved without a doubt that indeed solar power systems can effectively handle many of such natural disasters. Power backup from renewable energy resources contributes much to the disaster-stricken areas where the electricity grid miserably fails. For countries and regions that have been in war for a long time or frequently suffered from natural disasters, solar energy is the most economical and fastest energy solution.

  • Solar for Wineries and Vineyards
    Solar for Wineries and Vineyards

    Wineries and vineyards are well suited for commercial solar systems, with viticulture being one of the fastest growing industries for commercial solar adoption. Sunerise Energy has built partnerships with numerous companies within the industry to provide long-term cost savings and sustainability benefits. Wineries often have significant land available for Ground Mount systems compared to other industries that are limited by roof space. With wineries being so connected to the land and the environment, commercial solar can provide a real commitment to sustainability. 

  • Solar for for Dairy Farms
    Solar for for Dairy Farms

    The benefit of installing solar panels on a dairy farm is that they absorb sunlight that reacts with their embedded silicon crystals, producing electricity. Solar power is free and easy to harness, reliable, and highly versatile. Furthermore, it also presents a money-making opportunity as the surplus power can be sold back to the grid. Sunerise Energy can offer advice on the best options available for your agricultural buildings and unproductive land, as well as on the sort of returns you can expect to receive on your solar investment. Our team will customize a system that is perfect for your requirements. 

  • Solar for Sheep Grazing
    Solar for Sheep Grazing

    Land productivity could be greatly increased by combining sheep grazing and solar energy production on the same land. Sheep are naturally suited to the job of solar grazing. They enjoy the shade of the solar panels on hot days, napping and grazing where humans would struggle to reach. They are resourceful foragers, walking to search for vegetation that might otherwise become a shady nuisance for the solar company. If you are interedted in solar energy, be free to send your requests to Sunerise. We will work with you to develop the right system type and size to meet your facility's needs.

  • Solar for Carport
    Solar for Carport

    Since 2009, Sunerise has been focusing on providing solar panel installation canopy solutions for areas such as leisure parks, shopping malls, hotels, schools, churches, public parking facilities as well as new or existing carport parking structures. With every situation being unique, Sunerise solar expert takes a site specific design approach to every solar panel canopy or carport project. Each of our solar panel canopy projects is tailored according to the needs of customers, creating the most practical and cost-effective solar installations.

  • Off Grid for Rural Residential
    Off Grid for Rural Residential

    An off-grid solar system is a complete package that contains everything you need to generate your own energy. These systems are suitable for homes, holiday homes, offices and larger buildings that want energy independence and help create green energy. Using off-grid solar systems means avoiding power outages, reducing electricity costs, simplifying home installations, providing alternative power sources for rural areas, and keeping the environment clean and green.

  • Solar for Manufacturing
    Solar for Manufacturing

    Modern factories and warehouses are often thousands of square kilometers, with high energy usage. Over the past few years, more and more businesses have seen the potential to harness free renewable energy simply by adding solar panels to their roofs. Factories and warehouses are bringing their energy costs down by producing their own free electricity on site.

  • Solar for Education, Schools & Universities
    Solar for Education, Schools & Universities

    Education, schools and universities are at the forefront of changing the way we think as a society. Solar is an innovative solution that can help these organizations reduce operating costs while expanding the knowledge and understanding of their students. Since 2009, SUNERISE Solar has been providing leading solar products, program design and free consulting services for educational institutions worldwide. No matter the size or scale of your learning facility, we can bring you solar options today.

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