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How Does Solar Work?

How Does Solar Work?

  • July 29. 2022

A home solar panel system consists of solar arrays, an inverter, wiring and support materials and a few other key components like smart meter. Sunlight is converted by the solar panels into DC electricity. The Inverter converts the DC into AC current so your home appliances can use it. It is no different than the electricity you are getting from the grid.  The battery stores the extra electricity so it can be used later, like on a cloudy day or during the evening. By relying on battery backups, solar energy can provide electricity 24/7 to your home. If you have a net metering program with your utility you can use the grid as your “battery” storage for the excess energy when you are producing more and consuming less. You get credits for what you have given to the grid and you can use those credits at a later time.

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