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How Can A Solar Battery Benefit My Home?

How Can A Solar Battery Benefit My Home?

  • Jun 05, 2021
Since the on-grid tariff for solar exports has been much lower than the grid tariff, households are looking for ways to cut expenses by making better use of excess solar power. One answer is to add batteries to create a hybrid system: a grid-connected solar system with batteries for backup or load transfer.

Batteries are developing rapidly, and the recent price drop in the lithium-ion industry means that these modern technologies are now a viable option for adding solar cell storage to existing home solar photovoltaic systems. If you install battery storage together with a solar system, you can store excess solar power during production and then use it as needed. In theory, this means you can completely cut off the connection to the power company.

If your utility company does not have a good policy to compensate homeowners who generate too much solar power, then solar plus energy storage systems that include batteries are particularly useful. For example, some utility companies do not have a net metering of solar retail rates, which means you will not receive full bill credits for solar power sent back to the grid.

However, in the case that you can indeed use utility network metering, it still makes sense to install a hybrid solar system to maximize off-peak electricity prices. Therefore, when your solar panels are over-produced, you can store them in your storage array or grid, depending on the context of peak pricing. Then, you can only pull from the grid when the price is lower than the market average during off-peak hours. For example, in the warm summer months, when panel production is high, but household energy usage is also high, you can choose to store all additional panel production in batteries to reduce dependence on the grid when energy prices soar.
In addition to making it easier for you to manage solar power generation and use at home, solar cells can also provide several hours of backup power in the event of a power outage. If you have installed a solar photovoltaic system, including batteries is more cost-effective than diesel-powered backup generators in the long run.

How can a solar battery benefit my home?
  • Use more solar energy
  • Use clean, sustainable energy to continuously power your home day and night
  • Generate higher savings
  • Store your free solar energy and reduce energy purchased from the grid
  • Improve energy independence
  • Reduce reliance on the national grid and fluctuating energy market

In a word, by integrating solar panels with battery storage solutions, you can improve the efficiency of your solar panel system and bring more benefits to your home. SUNERISE provides a complete solution for solar cell storage, including: analyzing your applicability, specifying the best technology and installation. Contact us now to learn more or arrange a free no-obligation quote.

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