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How Bitcoin Mining Benefit from Solar Power?

How Bitcoin Mining Benefit from Solar Power?

  • Nov 19, 2021

Using solar energy to crypto mining has good financial implications. Solar powered crypto mining can provide electricity that is cheaper than grid power in areas with good sunshine and low construction costs. Over time, the price of electricity also has a certain degree of certainty, because there are no fuel costs and thus no volatility.

Bitcoin mining began as an activity that could be done on personal computers, but with the rise of bitcoin prices, it soon morphed into a high-powered affair requiring specialized chips and large amounts of electricity, because more and more "miners" use their high-performance computers to solve mathematical problems. This trend is continuing and, as mentioned above, the cost of electricity is now easily the largest factor in determining mining profitability.

With solar, bitcoin miners can produce their own electricity to power their mining operations while greatly reducing costs. This will not only allow them to minimize the operating costs of mining, but also release funds, and then they can invest in more computers or more powerful mining equipment. The solar+bitcoin business recovered its costs in about two years and added another layer of insurance. Therefore, the risk of investment loss is reduced and completely eliminated relatively quickly.


Adding energy storage in the form of batteries can also greatly benefit the bitcoin mining business. Since bitcoin mining is operated 24/7, the energy demand is constant. Every minute is important when competing for bitcoin.
Unfortunately, solar energy is an intermittent power source that does not produce energy well in cloudy weather or at night. During a power outage, the bitcoin mine cannot be powered by solar energy alone.
By adding batteries to the solar panel system, bitcoin miners can store the solar energy they produce during the day and use it to power their mining operations at night (when the energy is most expensive), cloudy weather (when the solar energy cannot be produced well), or during power outages (when the solar panel cannot produce energy).
By storing energy, bitcoin miners can not only further reduce the price by using the stored energy during the peak energy cost at night, but also ensure that their bitcoin mines can continue to operate with cheap electricity during cloudy days or power outages.

It is very profitable to build a larger photovoltaic power plant. On the one hand, bitcoin miners can use as much power as possible. On the other hand, they can also sell the extra part to the grid or plan in advance to invest in more computers or more powerful mining equipment.


This development model can also be implemented in areas without power lines and very cheap land. No grid connection is required for mining. In this case, the miners are connected to the Internet through satellite connection, otherwise the whole project is off the network. All solar energy is used for mining. Such facilities may also include on-site storage to achieve smooth production and extend mining operations beyond daylight hours. Being off-grid prevents using grid power to supplement the solar mining, but such a project could be built very easily and quickly.

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