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How Agricultural Farms Benefit from Solar Power?

How Agricultural Farms Benefit from Solar Power?

  • Mar 18, 2021

Farmers have been experts of harnessing and using solar energy for thousands of years. Almost every form of agriculture involves the use of the sun, efficiently converting the energy to produce forms of energy we need for life. The many advantages of solar panels are applicable to a wide range of fields, but they are especially beneficial to farmers. Below, we list some of the biggest reasons!

Agricultural Solar Solutions for Farms

Save Costs

Modern agriculture is very energy intensive, especially considering the scale involved and the quantity farmers must produce. This means that for almost all farmers, energy is one of the biggest costs of running a farm. There are a large number of agricultural technologies and equipment that require continuous and reliable energy supply, including cold storage warehouses, grain depots, dairy units and chicken coops. In the beginning, these were energy-intensive, but in recent years, farmers have been hit by rising energy prices, which has caused serious losses to their businesses.
Solar panels provide a simple and elegant solution to many of these problems. First, they do this by helping farmers generate energy on-site, which reduces their dependence on the national grid. This can help them save a lot of energy costs and reduce business management costs. More importantly, it not only protects the farm from current and future price increases, but also protects the farm from power outages.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Global warming has always been a hot topic of debate, even in the agricultural sector. In this case, solar energy is the best solution to minimize the carbon footprint left by farmers. Solar energy can not only separate clean energy, but also produce renewable energy.

Land Use Diversification

Agriculture requires efficient use of land, and most farmers cannot waste any land. Happily, modern solar panel solutions save customers from having to sacrifice valuable land that is normally used for grazing-today, solar panels are designed with dual land use in mind, which means they can be safely ground by cattle or sheep. grazing. They are quiet and static, and are unlikely to terrorize animals like new machines.
More importantly, the huge nature of large agricultural buildings such as barns and warehouses can make them the perfect environment for solar panels, so some farmers may find that they don't have to dedicate any occupied land to them at all. Many of these buildings usually have a roof pitch of 10-15°, which helps them generate a lot of sunlight, even if they are not technically south-facing.

Dry crops (For Better Quality)

Small-scale farms might be able to use the sun to dry their crops, but larger operations need larger options for their yields. Compared with crops left to dry in the field, solar drying equipment can dry crops faster and more evenly. In addition to speed and quality, drying equipment can also protect crops from outdoor risks. That includes pests, birds and unpredictable weather. In addition, grain dryers that run on electricity require a lot of electricity. By switching to solar energy, you can not only eliminate wattage from your bill, but you can also offset your consumption through annual net metering.

These are just a few general examples of the benefits of farm solar panels-depending on your own situation, you can enjoy some specific benefits! Of course, all other general advantages still apply. In low-carbon, our experts have more than 13 years of comprehensive experience, which can help you save business costs and profit from cleaner energy. To find out how we can help you, please feel free to contact us.

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